AirAsia Upgrade to Premium Seat (Flat bed) with OptionTown

There is a new option to upgrade Airasia X Economy Seat to Premium! By using Optiontown,you’ll save 75% as compared to the regular Airasia Premium Fare. It is base on available basis whereby we have to upgrade the seat and make our payment first while waiting for Airasia upgrade decision.If you are not upgraded,your Upgrade Price for that flight will be automatically refunded within 5 business days after the flight departure. However,RM 10 of Optiontown sign-up price is not refundable should the upgrade fail.

This is how the Premium Seat (Flat bed) looks like.

Why Fly with Premium? These are what you’ll get with Premium Airasia X.

So how to go about in upgrading?

Step 1

Key in the particulars and click continue

Step 2

Upgrade decision would be emailed 1-3 days before departure and at least 4 hours before departure. Hence,we have to wait for the upgrade decision before we check-in. You may email to if you have any queries..

Step 3

Hence,average price per pax for an upgrade is around RM 387 (2 ways).I personally think that this is a good deal as normal seat upgrade to a larger space is already cost you RM 380/pax (2 ways). So go ahead with upgrading your seat!! :)

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